Our policies are set up to help regulate different aspects of our operations. While we are keen on customer’s time bound delivery, we pride ourselves in the management of our personnel and do all within our reach to ensure that they are in the best position to deliver our brand promises. An overview of these policies has been deployed in the development of a monitoring team that is mandated to ensure the general wellness of our personnel, clients, and equipment.

This recent development has helped us as a team to curb lost time incidents (LTIs), strengthen the bond amongst management and personnel, and foster peaceful cooperation within the communities we dwell.

As an eco-friendly organization, we are ever in search of innovations and incentives to make most of our daily activities as green as possible. This can be seen in the purchase of eco-friendly equipment, quality training programs, webinars, and seminars to arm our personnel with relevant information. In the communities we operate, we carry out tiers of environmental awareness programs aimed at educating the society on the dangers of neglect on our environment.

As ardent advocates of Health and Safety, we pride ourselves in our compliance with health and safety standards issued by the Nigerian government and relevant international organizations. We will continually be at the frontier of Health and Safety as it is more than a slogan in Eastline – it has become a way of life.