Eastline Energy Resources Ltd. is dedicated to serving its diverse and robust customer base, including most major multinational exploration and production companies, many large and mid-sized local independents, and a number of the smaller marginal field producers.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Surface Well Testing

We offer a series of surface testing and metering equipment suitable for surface testing. Our Surface well test equipment or surface well test package consists of pieces of equipment, such as surface test tree, surface Safety Valve (SSV), desander, data header, choke manifold, steam heat exchanger, test separator, vertical surge tank, Atmospheric tank, oil transfer pumps, oil diverter manifold, and burner. In surface well testing, our objective is the acquisition of the reservoir’s data. Therefore, well-testing equipment is used to collect data on the reservoir’s oil, gas, water, and condensate. Our Well Test equipment is equipped to meet HSE requirements, effective and accurate to get data, and conditioned to analyze reservoir performance adequately and to forecast future production under the various mode of operation.

Brine Filtration

We at Eastline understand that cleaner fluids deliver better overall productivity and improve every step of the completion phase. Therefore, we pride ourselves in working with the best fluid that has been treated to remove debris and fine particles that may cause near wellhead damage if allowed to enter the reservoir formation. EASTLINE’S brine filtration equipment is the VPL type that is compact, stackable, and can save enormous rig space while delivering quality filtered brine. In addition, workover and completion operations often generate solids that are picked up and transported by brine fluids.

Sand Management / Monitoring System

Sand management is not centred alone on the selection of sand control systems – it includes maximizing and maintaining production while the produced sand is managed at acceptable rates. Sand production is handled in a safe and controlled way where the unfavourable conditions of sand production are manageable and predictable. Solids and sand are removed at the wellhead upstream of the choke using our cyclo-desanders and Dual sand port. This allows for increased or recovered hydrocarbon production, while their removal upstream of the choke protects facilities operations.

Well Completion / Flowback / Well Clean Up

A flow-back phase begins after the Well to be examined and has been successfully cased, cemented, and installed. Fluids produced in this phase are mixed with sand and other impurities. At Eastline, we provide high-pressure separators, low-pressure separators, which separate the fluids. In our Nest are two-phase separators and three-phase separators, Truck-Mounted separators armed with safety gears for the effective separation of fluids.

Early Production Services

Eastline Energy Resources offer a wide spectrum of early production facilities. For wells where acquisition of more data is needed to understand the reservoir characteristics or better characterize the produced fluids to establish design parameters for production facilities, we apply traditional well testing equipment for an extended well test. Eastline Energy Resources offers complete engineering design, build, and installation of these facilities along with the capability to operate and maintain them.

Pipeline and Pumping Services

We at Eastline Energy Resources have created solutions that improve pumping services’ safety and life cycle cost. We also provide the technical support required to tackle challenges associated with pipelines design and installation. Eastline offers single/multistage pumps in either axial or radially split configurations. These pumps vary in use from the main oil line, transfer and tanker loading on offshore platforms.

Here at Eastline Energy Resources Ltd., We offer specialized services in Oil and gas energy solutions encompassing Surface Well Testing, Oil and Gas Surface Sampling, Well Clean Up and Flow Back, Early Production facility, Brine Filtration, Well Completion Services, Human Capacity Sourcing, Pipeline and Pumping services, Sand Monitoring Systems, Coil Tubing Services, Drill Stem Testing, Dewatering and Water Treatment and more.